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Value Enhancement Consulting

Understanding the road ahead can help considerably enhance the potential value of your business. Foy & Company has a long history of helping owners assess the market value of their property, allowing them to build on their strengths and move forward with a long -term vision for their investment.

Consulting with a third party team provides outside insight into the daily operation of your business. It allows you to learn about industry trends across Canada and North America, and how you can maintain your competitive edge.

Our information services department collects and maintains up to date information on industry trends, and market conditions. This information allows us to analyze your market area, and advise on appropriate strategies for your business.

We can also assist you in updating any managerial and operational systems to bring your business inline with benchmark standards.

Consulting services not only provides you with a fresh perspective but helps to pin point and fill gaps in your business' operations. It also provides valuable information about the direction of the industry and helps you stay ahead of the competition.